Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2008 | Posted by Alicia |

We followed the instructions to the "T", and our door is supposed to be "Hamlet Blue". Looks black to me. Brett has been arguing with the Management company over this for days. WE should not have to iron-out their lask of checking the facts. I hope we don't have to paint the door and shutters again. I think I will freeze. I can't wait to have this house done-with.

Last night I dreamt about a HUGE spindley-legged spider. I had it trapped, then I picked the case up and it wasn't in it, but outside. I jumped and it fell off. Then I didn't know where it was. I couldn't figure-out why I couldnt see it, it was huge and red, and quite slow. Brett didn't seem to care.

Then I heard on the radio this morning that dreaming about spiders generally means that you are worried about money. Brett and I are in the process of tightening our belts until we sell the townhouse, we were talking about it before we went to bed last night. DUH. Pretty intresting though.

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