Posted: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 | Posted by Alicia |

Well, here it is, our new home. Big huh? Yeah, I haven't had to do a full house cleaning day yet. Totally not looking forward to that. Someone asked me what my favorite part of the house is since I moved in last weekend. and I have to say.........having my own bathroom. I am so happy not to have someone creating a disgusting smell right next to me while I brush my teeth. I do have to admit, it has one downfall. It is so big it's freakin' freezing! I was able to get up a little later today (7:30 instead of 5:00) because I had a doctor appointment downtown, so I don't know if that helped or what. I was able to shave my legs without removing the goosebumps with the razor. I know, ick. But tell me you don't know what I mean. I will try to find a photo of my new cavenous master bathroom, beautiful, but C-O-L-D.