Posted: Tuesday, May 6, 2008 | Posted by Alicia |

Our little Carl has graduated. Or as we call him Cairo. You will notice the "Thelin family photo shoot", and the general feeling of being followed by the paparzzi. Unfortunatly without the perks of fame and stardom.
We spent a great day going to Logan (Utah State University) for the graduation. Of course we had to stop at Smith and Edwards Army Surplus Store (If you live in Utah, you say it like the jingle on the comercials). That place was wacked. I remember Brett and I stopping there some time around our honeymoon, but I didn't seem to recall the specific aroma and wierdness of what was there. Anything from used military fatigues, helmets, artillary cases to flip-flops, power tools and licorice that smelled and tasted like, dare I say, cat urine. The kids came away with oodles of candy. Brett was the ony one to find the urine-flavored stuff.
After the graduation we went to Carl and Jennys teeny tiny attic appartment and had a fabulous dinner of 5 Buck pizza, salads and lots of treats. We really had a great time.