Posted: Friday, August 28, 2009 | Posted by Alicia |

This patterned paper had me at "hello", well at least that's what it would have said if it could have talked. Isn't it just yummy! It came in a big, thick pad from Micheal's (totally used my coupon).

A little different concept applied to this card. I get on a 3 x 6 kick and that's all I can do for a while. This one is a tri-fold 3 x 6, just so I can show off the wonderful two sided paper. Amy Butler does most of the work for me, just add a saying and some ribbon ruffles and call it done.


  1. NatNeedham said...
  2. Alicia, I just love all of your cute cards! I check everyday to see what you have created! I can't wait until I have extra time and can do the same thing. Do you sell your cards?

  3. Alicia said...
  4. Thanks Natalie, I am glad to have someone enjoying them besides me! I do sell my cards, I am starting to put them on But if there is something you want or like on my blog, just let me know. Thanks for being so supportive.