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2nd Day of New School: THE AFTER-AFTERMATH

Maddie and Alex rode the bus to and from school today. The stop is just down the street and on the corner, even closer than at Balmoral. yeah! We almost missed it, but barely made it. These photos are from after school. Alex bounded off the bus exclaiming that he had a much better day. He had realized that they didn't do things so very differently in this school. Same rules, same things to learn, same kinds of kids. He felt much better about life in general. {insert a motherly sigh of momentary relief} He even made a friend. Alex said that it was the other loaner kid that he noticed yesterday. Alex didn't know his name yet, but said he had "red hair and wrinkles". I think he meant freckles :). I told him to find out his name today and then we could find out where he lives and go from there.

As soon as Maddie got off the bus she asked if she could walk with (dang, I can't recall her name). Anyhoo, she quickly ran ahead of me and walked with "what's her name" and "what's her name's" mom. I felt slighted. Oh well. Alex stayed with me and we chatted the entire walk home.

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