Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2008 | Posted by Alicia |

First day of new school: THE AFTERMATH

Alex had a hard day. Mrs Johnson chatted with me for a moment and said that he had a horrible time agreeing to try to do anything. He was simply out of his element and uncomfortable. His class walks around the school 3-5 times for exercise each day, and he wanted nothing to do with that. The class stopped at 2 times around the school just because of him and his whining. eeesh. No friends as of yet. But we are hopeful.

Maddie had a great day. Mr. Hanson said she was "awesome" and fell right into class. She says she made 6 new friends already. That really doesn't surpirse me. She is Miss Social after all. I don't forsee her having any issues. Mr. Hansen is "awesome". She said that each time the kids go off-track he buys a new wistle from a different country and uses it to get their attention. This time it is a whistle from Africa. Maddie drew a picture of it for me, it had a carving of a ladybug on it. I am guessing that means that there are ladybugs in Africa, I don't know why I would think there wouldn't be.

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