Another weekend come and gone

Posted: Monday, March 31, 2008 | Posted by Alicia |

This weekend literallly flew by. I spent all of Friday after work at the townhouse. Painting the basement. Finally done! Al and Jeanne were there, with happy helping hands. i would have gone looney without them. Brett came after work. Got home about 10:00. Watched a t.v. show and passed-out on the couch. My very favorite thing to do. Saturday was spent doing much of the same, with the same fabulous help. I did head over to my sweet friend Bobi Taylors for her 40th bday bash. Her husband threw a surprise bash, including local friends and Lara from Canada even flew in for a surprise. I had to vacate early to get home and get Meagan to the YW General Conference. Ran into the house, got on Meagan's bad side right away. I criticised her outfit. But I am the mother, I sometimes you have to tell it like it is. I try to keep my distance and let her develop on her own most of the time. But I have to remember that we all need a little outside help now and again. The conference was awesome. Made me feel like a YW again. You know that commercial where the mom and daughter are in Disneyland having fun, then the mom transforms into a little girl and they run around laughing and have the best time? I want to do that with my kids.

I made the first step to help get Alex diagnosed with his learning troubles. I talked with the Director of the physco-educational team at the U of U. She said that he sounds like they will be able to diagnose where his dificulties lie, she said that it could be "spacial difficulties". I will fill-out a Clincal Intake form and then be teamed with a Clinician to work with. The Clinicians are in the Doctorate of Phsycology program at the U. They will test his IQ, Acedemic Achievment, look at some Behavior Measures and probably do some math and reading testing. There may be more testing than that, but the $175.00 covers it all. Isn't that awesome! The information that we glean from this testing will give us the information we need to get Alex any specific kinds of testing and such in school. I love that boy so much. He deserves the world.

Just found out my boss has gone into labor, she isn't due until May 9th though. I hope all is well and can't wait to meet little Jane Ruby Gloekner.

A balmy 22 degrees today. Remind me of this cold when it is 105. I take that back. Don't remind me.


  1. Timothy Thelin said...
  2. Hey, its really good to hear from you. Its a nice little insight to how you are and how your family is doing. Its weird being moved out of state and away from everyone, because growing up it was all about I want to be with my friends not have to hang out with my family. Where now its I don't really know my family anymore I want to hang out with all of them and not be so far away. So its nice to be able to read your blog and get to know my family again.

  3. Lara said...
  4. LOVE THE BLOG!!! Can't wait to check on ya each week! Great to laugh with you last night!