Wax Museum

Posted: Thursday, April 24, 2008 | Posted by Alicia | Labels:

Maddie had one of the coolest projects ever. The entire 4th grade class had to research a famous Utahn, and then pretend to be them as if they were a wax statue in a wax museum. Maddie picked Loretta Young. We curled her hair (it was a little more authentic in the morning) and she dressed-up in a velvet dress and faux fur cape. She looked fantastic. She was a little nervous, she said she had to do it about 10 times in front of her class until she could get all the way through it. In the video you will notice that she keeps looking at her note cards, she quickly got over this as she had to recite it over and over again. I had to press the red button on the desk in front of her to start, everyone was very strict about that. Enjoy!


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  2. Matthew is also doing the "wax museum" in his fourth grade class. He is Dale Earnhardt Jr, his presentation day is May 1st. Maddie did such a good job...good for her!