Yeah! Paper Crafts Goodness

Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2009 | Posted by Alicia | Labels: , ,

Check it out..... one of my projects made it online too! The photo isn't me, even though she is cute. Here's the link if you want to go there. Link.

Gorgeous Gifts with a Handmade Twist

Jennifer Schaerer

Jennifer Schaerer

Holiday Cards & More Week is a little slice of early holiday heaven for me.

I’m the one who keeps my Christmas playlist on my iPod all year long (I’ve also been overheard humming carols in May). I also just bought two new ornaments last weekend for our Christmas tree. And it’s only August, but I’m already working on a few ideas for neighborhood and teacher gifts for Christmas.

Seriously, I think there must be at least one branch of elf DNA in my family tree.

Alicia Thelin came up with the perfect combination of fun, cute and simple for my neighbor gifts this year:

Whip these up assembly-line style and youll have neighbor gifts in no time at all!

Whip these up assembly-line style and you'll have neighbor gifts in no time at all!


  1. Amelia said...
  2. Yeah! Go you! That is super cute, and utterly suits the cookie cutter collector in me. Did you know that I collect them? I have a huge box filled with cookie cutters.

  3. Sylvia said...
  4. You are amazing. :) Loved the cookie cutter with the treats.

  5. Bobi said...
  6. Way to go! I really like what you created. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. Awesome job.

  7. Alicia said...
  8. Thanks for all the comments you sweeties.

    Amy - I knew that you collected cookie cutters, just totally forgot. This would be a perfect VTing gift for you. You can also bake brownies in the cookie cutter and then wrap in a cello bag, that makes a super cool treat.

  9. Julie said...
  10. I feel dumb asking, but where can I get instructions on making the cute little box? You're so creative! I look at your stuff and think, "I wish..."