Uber Cool Party Invite

Posted: Monday, August 17, 2009 | Posted by Alicia | Labels: ,

You see there is this image on some Stampin' Up! rub ons....... What does it make you think of? I will crack-up if any of you come up with the same conclusion as I did. I remember telling the artist who created it what I thought it was when she first presented it.

Again with the circles. But what a cool party invitation, huh? I would be stoked to go to a party after receiving this little bundle of paper goodness.


  1. Shannon said...
  2. Alicia I am so happy to learn that you have a blog!!!!! I have been missing your creations so much! In fact I was saying earlier that I don't feel like stamping lately and now that I see your cards--I can't wait to get home! Thank you!

    And we totally need to do lunch sometime....what days are best for you?

  3. Amelia said...
  4. I'm gonna go with a pack of Birth Control pills? I just glanced at the title of your post, and the image, and wondered what in the world kind of party you were throwing. Not sure if I want an invite, thank you! :)